VicFTPS - Victory FTP Server

VicFTPS - Is a simple Windows FTP server. Supports only one user connection at a time.


2007-02-12 - VicFTPS-5.0 released
Fixed CWD Remote Buffer Overflow Vulnerability (DoS).
2007-01-19 - VicFTPS-3.9 released
Initial release.


Shared folder - Contains the path to the root FTP folder. You can enter path manually, or press the "Shared folder button" to choose the folder which you want to be FTP root.
Default: "c:\ftp" folder will be created and shared if you leave the "Shared folder edit" empty, and press "OK" button on the message box which comes up, when server is started for the first time.
IP Address - Contains FTP server's IP address through which FTP server is reachable. If the field is empty, or contains word "ANY", the server is reachable through all available IP addresses on the host. The IP address shown after word "ANY : " is servers WAN address, or primary address through which server is reachable. You can enter specific IP address through which FTP server will be reachable.
Default: Server listens on all IP addresses available on the host.
Control port - Contains control socket's port number. Server listens on this port for connections.
Default: 21
Pass - Contains password required to login into the FTP server.
Default: Contains "ANY : Anonymous". This means that there is no password set on the server and everyone can connect to the server without the password.
Data port - Contains data socket's port number, or port range. You can specify port, or port range. Port range should be entered like this "10000-60000".
Default: Contains "ANY". This means that any port can be used, and Windows will select free port automatically.
Enable Uploading - Enables, or disables uploading to the FTP server.
Default: Uploads disabled.



VicFTPS freeware software license


If connects more than one user simultaneously, directory handling will broke up. Status of connected users online can be incorrect.


Tested on Windows Vista, XP, 2000. Windows 95, NT not supported.



VicFTPS Copyright (C) 2007 Aidas Sabaliauskas

Based on: FTPDMIN Copyright (C) Matthias Wandel


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Copyright (C) 2007 Aidas Sabaliauskas